Schooliety's origins

Schooliety is a not-for-profit enterprise founded by a London father of two boys. Andrew's boys are both at a central London church-run primary school. Their school has seen its state funding severely reduced, which is now impacting the teaching resources available all the students.

The school regularly approaches its parents to participate in fund raising activities like school cake days, a school fete twice a year and general appeals to donate to the school. But this all has its limits in terms of the funds raised and the demands on parents who volunteer their time to support the fund raising.

Andrew has identified that a lot of the parents at the school run their own local businesses. Due to social politeness, they are generally not comfortable with marketing their businesses to the other parents. There are also a lot of parents who work for bigger companies that could use the services of the other parents' businesses, but don't know about them. 

Out of this challenge was born the "Schooliety" opportunity for schools to bring their local communities together to help everyone better network together, and so to create more business opportunities. As the school is the one helping to promote this local trade, anyone benefiting from this should be considerate of paying a share of their trading revenue as a donation to the school. (They are saving significant marketing expenses utilising the Schooliety network, so this should more than justify a generous donation to the school from any Schooliety referrals).

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